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Friday, December 23, 2011

Untraditional Christmas Tree

My husband Richard and I were extreme procrastinators this year. Normally we're super dedicated and have our tree cut down, trimmed and up about three weeks before Christmas. Well not this year!!! So that left to actually be creative. I know I know it's pretty hard for us 20 something's. But we did it and pulled it together without any outside help. I'm very proud for that because it means that there is still hope for us yet!

So this creative project involved wasted printer ink, multiple sheets of paper and a few gallery frames that refused to cooperate. The end result was a spectacular tree made out of picture frames! This idea originally started when Richard tried to create a tree out of green construction paper. Yeah... It didn't turn out so well. Then I came up with the frame idea using our family pictures haha get it? A family tree!! We didn't measure anything. But it came out awesome! Richard strung lights in between the rows and we hung ornaments in between the pictures. We have our storage ottoman underneath it with a blanket and a sheer curtain scrapped over it for an effect. Although I'm not quite sure what it is. Anyway, take a look.

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