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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nail Polish Woes...Solved!!

Although I've been using nail polish for years, I have recently jumped back into using it. I love the face that a little polish can change a look or a mood and it can definitely be a finishing touch to anything. It comes in hundreds maybe even thousands of colors and textures and I'm finding out more recently that there are people who can do with nail polish what Picasso could do with a canvas. It's amazing and it's an art. 
The trouble with nail polish is one little thing I'd like to call glitter. I don't know how many of you have used glittered nail polish and upon removal, the glitter stays and the polish goes. Well, thanks to the Birchbox Blog I have found out how to successfully and effortlessly remove glittered nail polish. Below is the link to the page.

Also another little tip I learned from Birchbox is that top coats don't stay on. Because of the washing of hands and normal wear and tear the top coat will wear off over the course of a day or so. So apply your top coat about every other day. It will help your manicure last. Also when you apply your top coat, make sure that you sweep your brush across the open portion of your nail to seal the ends of your nail. 

Here is a sure fire way that your mani will stay in place long after the paint is dry:

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