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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Is everyone out there prepared for this crazy storm??? I cannot stress to you all how dangerous hurricanes and Nor'easter's can be. I know last year that Irene wasn't really anything to be worried about, on the coastline. But I do remember the damaging winds inland. I saw the numerous trees that were torn out of the ground or branches that were separated from a huge tree. I remember people losing power for days. Everyone needs to make sure that they and their families are prepared.

-stock up on water.

-have canned or non perishable food. If you all are milk hungry DO NOT get dry milk. That stuff is nasty. Get silk on the shelf. It's lasts for awhile and tastes pretty good.

-make sure you have adequate flashlights and batteries.

-for cell phones make sure you have a car charger.

-board games for the kids

-stay in an enclosed space on the ground floor or below. Like a basement, hallway or bathroom. Trees and branches can falls through windows, roofs and doors.

Also do not forget to check out or or your local news affiliate for more information about Sandy. Keep safe everyone and don't forget to evacuate if necessary. It's better to be safe than sorry. And alsoo, insurance will cover it :)