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Monday, February 27, 2012

Anniversary Celebration!!

In honor of my beau and my 7th anniversary tomorrow, I'm going to post an innumerable amount of pictures with captions of our last 7 years together!! I hope you enjoy!!

Before Children

High School Home School Graduation

Boot Camp Graduation

What I used to be able to do.

What I still long to do.

Dress Blues and a Wedding Dress

Preggers with Seamus

Christmas 2010 Grandma Brenda

Christmas 2010 Great Grandma Shirley

Christmas 2010 Pa-Pa Willie

Maddalaena's First Christmas


Our Tree


Seamus at 18 months

Seamus and Uncle Steve

Seamus getting Most Improved during the 2010 Soccer Season

Seamus' 5th Birthday

First big boy doctor's check up

Newborn Seamus!!

8 months pregnant with Seamus

Two weeks before delivery

Fresh bun out of the oven!!

Isn't he adorable?

First day home(Seamus)

This picture makes my head look huge!! Can't you tell how sleep deprived I am?

Seamus and the late Nana Jakki

First day alive


First time lifting up his head!

Seamus 9 months

6 months

Standing for the first time

Say something to my face!

Baby Lylian Rose

First week home


Happy Thanksgiving!

Lyl's second birthday!

Making a mess. Or as some would call it "homemade snow".

Lylian's first haircut.

Welcome Home Maddalaena!!

Maddalaena's face after the breathing treatment using Abuterol. She had RSV.

Sleeping soundly.

Right after she was born.

Resting. Delivery is hard!

Me and Lyl holding Maddalaena

Up close and entirely personal

Great Gram Shirley holding Maddalaena

First baby smile

Daddy and MJ napping

Mmm Deodorant...

ER trip after biting almost through her tongue.

Maddalaena Now.

She loves two things: To color and that vacuum cleaner.

I caught her off guard

Her true personality shines in this picture.

Meet my beau. This was right after ankle surgery.

Run to Home Base at Fenway Park

Hiding from the kids

Building Blake's dresser

At work.

He look much older with these on right??


Christmas Party 2011

Driving the tractor


My baby and I

I hope that you enjoyed the really long trip down memory lane!! I sure did. The pictures aren't in chronological order. But they are in order from BC(before children) all the way through to my husband. There really aren't any pictures of me considering I take 99% of them. 

Thank you so much for looking and reminiscing with me!! God Bless!