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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lessons Learned

I want to share with you all something that happened yesterday that affected not only me but people I know and love. This is about being offended by someone and then turning around and offending them. Doesn't really make sense does it?

Yesterday a neighbor of mine made a post about moving out west. So I engaged her in conversation about the topic. She told me that they were up for orders sometime in the fall. I then told her that we were up for orders now and that we were looking to also go out west. Then another neighbor chimed in about how she wanted to leave this state.

Now I'm going to say this, I'm from Groton, CT. It's may not be the greatest place on earth. But it's not the worst either. I have a ton of fond memories about living here. There are pro's and con's to every area in this country. 

Then the first neighbor replied(paraphrased of course) that basically she hated New England and couldn't wait to leave. This is where I had the problem. I was part of this conversation. I'm from here, New England. And I think this place for all it has to offer is wonderful. It's gorgeous in all the seasons, there is a ton of things to do, to see and to learn about. There is so much history here it's almost unfathomable. 

I was offended by this statement because my home was being insulted I guess you can say. Now people have a right to their own opinions. I agree with that. But if you're going to share so freely then beware of possible backlash from people that take offense. 

So me being the immature person I am posted a nasty remark on Facebook that went a little like this: I can't believe the ignorance and disrespect of some people. That statement there was my mistake. I was wrong. I should have approached this person privately and talked to them about how I felt and how what they said offended me. Then I unfriended her! I know right? My pregnancy reasoning skills were working in full force yesterday!!! Now I'm not proud of my actions. And due to them I received a lot of backlash from neighbor #2(they're friends). 

Here is the moral of the story, if you are offended by someone talk to them privately about it. Don't make an immature mistake and be rude publicly. It only backfires in your face. Lesson Learned. 

Now I have apologized to neighbor #1. Which is the right thing to do. Never assume that you are bigger and more important than anyone else. We're all human and we all have rights. We are just like everyone else.

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