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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Furniture Project Number 2: The Bookcase

I have recently been in the renovate it yourself mode around this house. Doing this, changing that and anything that I can update with my own two hands. It's been driving my husband nuts!! I have this goal of having everything done by March 2nd. That's a day before my baby shower by the way. So for the last two months I have had these "plans" that I think are fantastic but no one else seems to agree. But aside from those crazy plans one project that I have been dying for has finally been finished. It's our bookcase!!!

I know I know, why all the hub-bub over a silly bookcase?
I mentioned in an earlier post that in order for my darling baby boy's crib to be built and find it's resting place in our room the bookcase had to be finished. We had our old entertainment furniture(which is now for sale) in our bedroom taking up the space where the crib now rests. But that furniture housed most of our books. So the bookcase needed to be built in order for the crib to be done. I know it's a lot to follow!! So now I grace you with the few pics of the progress and finished results.

Here is the actual bookcase from Ana White. It is the lack inspired bookcase. I liked it but I wanted something a little heavier and more rugged looking.

Say hello to my Lylian. She is currently the eldest of my two girls and will soon be not a middle child. She loves being in the garage with daddy helping him build these projects.

Smiling pretty for the camera. Rule in our house, you have to have crazy hair in order to work in the garage.

Here is my version of the lack inspired bookcase. I had my hubby add 2x6's to the back for a more complete rugged look.

One coat of Minwax Red Mahogany stain.

The finished product!!

Up close shot of the back boards.

And a wide angle shot of the back. I love how it came out it's gorgeous!!!

What do you all think?

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  1. love it portia!!!! i think the rugged look is so appealing! great job!i don't think i even knew you had a blog before now. i wish i had more time and energy to blog. but things seem to be pretty busy around here even with one little one. :) love you guys and praying all goes well with your new little one!!