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Friday, February 17, 2012

House Renovation Update!!

So as I've told you all that my hubby and I were going to be updating our house design and decorative wise. Well that plan has finally been underway!!! We've gotten a few small things accomplished but we are way behind schedule. The plan was to have all the decor and furniture building done by March 2. But I'm not so sure we're going to make it lol.

Right now I'm going to take you through the processes. The painting, building and decor processes that we'll be doing to update our home.

In the process of finishing the Euro Shame for the Master

Painting the curtains for our bedroom Behr Paint in Soulful Music and Brown TeePee

One of our tie backs from Urban Outfitters

Daddy and Maddalaena time

Daddy with MJ

Lace covered Canvas for the girls room.

Me in the "process" of lining the girls lamp shade

I could not bear to have pics up without my family being displayed in them. Meet my eldest, Seamus

Maddalaena is performing surgery on Daddy

Lylian is performing eye surgery

And now onto the abdominal cavity...

Ok back to DIYing. Here is half the lamp shade completed

DIY fabric tutu skirt.

From the side

The crazy amount of wood needed to complete the crazy amount of tasks.

Look it's as big as Lylian!!

Our garage transformed into a workshop/storage facility/man cave

I couldn't resist showing you the gorgeous tie backs I received from Urban Outfitters

"Tarping" the wall for curtain painting

Richard hanging the taped curtains

Maddalaena taking a bite out of the step stool

Doesn't he look excited to be doing this?

Ms. Adorable

"Say something to my face!"

All this work tuckered her out

Taped curtains hung!!

All little bit of jail humor

Monkey. Kidnapped and held for ransom by one Maddalaena Jacqueline Allen

Playing with styrofoam. We didn't get enough snow so Lylian thought that she would make some.

And meet Richard, my wonderful tolerant husband

Seamus always has to be in on the action

Building Blake's dresser

Maddalaena in the back joining in on the snow making

The Ikea Lack inspired bookcase

What's a "worktable" without food?

The painting process. Living room curtain on left and bedroom curtain on right

Now the bathroom curtain

Wood project number two. The altered bookcase

I thought that wooden beams in the back would look much better than a painted wall.
Man was I right.

Make shift work bench

The tools that got this project done

Darling baby girl

Taking a much needed break.

And there you have in a nut shell. All the things we have been up to over the last two weeks. Painting curtains, building furniture and trying out some Pinterest ideas. Come back and check out the finished projects!! Also let me know what you think? Do you like the striped curtains? Is there anything lacking(besides paint on the walls)? What would you do differently? Have any of you tried any Pinterest ideas lately? I'd love to hear from you all. God Bless!

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  1. That is one seriously talented man you have there! Holy smokes! I am chanting "I shall not covet your furniture." over and over in my head!!! I love that book case!