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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pen Out

A few days ago I woke up to my brand spankin' new white duvet cover colored on...with pen. I freaked out. I think that's needless to say if you know me. This is our fifth or sixth bedding set lost to the destruction of sneaky children. Ok some of it was us.

But I refused to be beat by this!! My husband came over and ever so sympathetically held me and me that it was going to be ok. So I immediately went online and found a bunch of solutions for getting pen out of fabric. 

Some of the solutions were using rubbing alcohol. Others claimed that foam shaving cream worked. And others suggested hairspray. But to be careful because hairspray may ruin some fabrics.

So this is what I did:

Upon seeing the catastrophe I screamed my head off.

I snapped a pic(of course duh!) and then I let me husband comfort me. Then I got to work.

I chose to use Zoya's 3-in-1 Remove nail polish remover first. It's acetone free and they are a safe nail varnish company. You know vegan approved and all.

I soaked the cotton balls in the solution. Then with a towel under the pen marks started to dab and hold the cotton ball in place. What really freaked me out was the fact the the pen spread first before being absorbed into the towel.

After treating all the areas, I diluted with water. The remover is purple and I didn't want it to dye the duvet cover. Not all the pen came out with the nail polish remover, so I used shaving cream. That did nothing.

And in a last ditch effort I used Tresemme's hairspray. I sprayed it directly onto the pen marks and then immediately after soaked the area in water. I didn't even wait.

This was the result.

Pretty impressive huh? There are no left over marks. At all. Then of course I had to peel the pain-in-the-butt duvet cover off of the comforter and wash the whole thing and then put it back on. That was extremely hard considering 1, it's heavy and 2, it's hard to lift things because I'm pregnant.

But when all is said in done I am extremely happy with the results of this home made pen out solution.

Have any of you had any seemingly impossible stains that have been removed successfully? Or even unsuccessfully? Share your stories!! I would love to hear from you!


  1. Holy cow! I would have flipped a lid if my kids did that! So glad you got it out and thankful for your advice on this sort of thing. Here's to no more duvet's being ruined! ;)