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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Top 5 Hair Trends of 2011

There are a lot of super cool easy hair trends floating around this year. There are way too many for me to find, copy, post and give credit to. So I'm going to break it down into some of my favorites that I have seen. These styles have made me wish that I could have long luxurious hair to braid and manipulate to get these drool worthy styles.

1. The Fishtail 
We all know, love and grew up with this pony from the 80's. Except in today's age we ditched the frizz and 18 in bangs for some sleek shine and a little tousle.

2. The Cascade Braid or the Waterfall Braid
I ran across this beauty on Pinterest and I fell in love. I wondered "how can you do that?" and the search for a tutorial was underway. Now I am braiding challenged. I can do a traditional braid and I get the concept of the french braid but I just lose the hair every time. Maybe now that I have two little beauties to practice on I can finally master this technique!

This braid is special because it looks like a french braid that got side tracked. It runs from on side of the head to about 3/4 of the way to the other side and starts to take a downward detour. In the midst of all that going on there are pieces that seem to jump off of the bandwagon trying to find another way to their destination. If you catch my drift. 

A double waterfall braid. Super cool!!

This is a quick tutorial to the waterfall braid. It's called the twisted braid in which you twist the hair instead of french braiding it. Maybe I can get a grasp on this lol.

3. The Ballerina Bun

This is a classic iconic piece when referring to dancers. You can't go to a ballet and NOT see these. Mainly because they're probably required. But people have taken up this style as a new trend. Possibly to hide that second and maybe even third day hair? GASP! But all in all this is a very classic up do that can be worn formerly or out on the street. I love how it is simple and chic.

Here is a twisted alternative to the class ballerina bun:

This is pretty self explanatory.

Here is another version of the ballerina bun also dubbed the fun bun by The Beauty Department

3. The Knotted Ponytail

I thought this was different. Typically whenever you think of knots in your hair you think of one hot mess that might involve scissors at some point. But after looking at the different ways of wearing it and seeing the photos of models I simply agreed that it was a pretty darn good alternative to the regular ponytail.

And a shorter option:

Polished or messy you can KNOT pass this up! It's perfect for day or night, work or play.

5. The Ombre and Reversed Ombre

One on the most stand out trends of 2011 the Ombre has seeped it's way into Beauty and fashion. Everywhere you look you can see the ombre effect as I like to call it. I tried it on my nails(unsuccessfully), I see in people's hair and on their lips!! But my favorite place that this look can take place is in the hair. It's new and refreshing and just overall beautiful. The ombre looks like one dyed their hair a lighter color and let it grow out thus showing age old roots. But if you go to your stylist you can achieve this look without the wait.

I am really fascinated by this one because it doesn't just use everyday hair color it adds a pop of color and shows what the ombre style really is.

And this my friends is a more natural ombre. Where the hairdresser opted for more of a human hair color palette as opposed to the above pic where it's a natural human color mixed with a fantasy flair.

I hope that you all enjoyed my top 5 hair trends of 2011! Feel free to leave a comment or share any of your favorite hairstyles from this year!

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