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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

To-Do's to be To-Done's

A lot of people know that we're moving this upcoming November. The lovely Navy is transferring us to the USS Miami. Which if you've read in recent news caught fire due to some selfish hap on the boat who should not have been working on the boat. Anyway, there is a mondo list of furniture to do's that need to be to done. 

First up, Seamus' dresser. A few weeks ago our darling 6 year old was innocently helping me put laundry away. *CHEERS* Mom of the year right here!! (Points to self). Well, upon doing so he explained to one of his little sisters that "In order to put laundry away, ALL the drawers on his dresser(chest) need to be opened". Now, if anyone has seen my son's room you all know that he has an Ikea Malm tall dresser. With six drawers. And Ikea furniture can be very top heavy. So with all the drawers open he proceeded to pull on the top left drawer. Now in my head I'm like "What was it about these dressers again? I know for some reason this can't be good..." And as the dresser tipped over, "Oh yeah...HEY! Are you okay?". So in a couple of weeks the hubs and I are tackling the Blake Dresser from The Design Confidential. We really like the design of this piece. We were originally going to make the Small Dresser with open storage from Ana White, but we liked the shelving opportunity more.

Next project is one I'm designing on my own. Shocking!!! I never would have thought that I, me, Portia Allen Could dream up something this cool. It is an upholstered headboard. Now, I know this is reinventing the wheel. But the hubs and I are using pallets for the structure of this endeavor. We are screwing these huge pallets together side by side. Then we'll be stapling batting to the pallets. And either a white burlap material or a linen material will be stapled on top of the batting. The headboard will be framed with stained pine boards. 1x6 on the sides and a 1x8 on top and then a 1x10 on top of the 1x8.  So something like this...

The difference would be that the headboard would be deeper and it would have continuous fabric. The frame of the bed would be from The Design Confidential as well and it would be the Hudson Bed Frame*. But it would be solid wood and no upholstery.

*pictured above

Now, I'm going to briefly run through the rest of this massive to do list. And I ask that you all pray for sanity as we try to get most of this accomplished before we move. 
There are going to be two categories. One will be furniture to be stained, the other will be furniture to be painted.

First up the stained furniture!!! Now, the goal is to get all of these pieces cut, stained and holes drilled BEFORE we move. When we get there we'll just assemble everything.

2 of these

1 of  these

2 of these

1 or 2 of these

Remember, these are going to be built BEFORE we leave and painted after we move in to the new house.

This desk will be painted Paramount White by Valspar and the legs will be 3x3's and the top will be either plywood or MDF with crown moulding around the edges

This bookcase is from Ballard Designs. Now you may remember this little beauty that we built. We'll be using that same concept except that everything will be 1x12's and 1x6's or plywood vs. the 2x12's and 2x6's we used. There will also be crown moulding along the top and bottom but not the sides. Well, maybe.

Benchwright Media Tower*

Benchwright TV Console*

I am so excited to get all of these projects underway!! I just hope that we don't burn ourselves out doing all of this and moving shortly after :( Have any of you waited until the last minute to do something that costs a lot of time and effort? Anyone planning and woodworking plans? Or just any home decor updates? I'd love to hear from you!!

*The Ballard Designs bookcase, PotteryBarn Benchwright Media Console and Storage Towers, Ana White's Benchmark Collection, Bedside Table, End Table and Husdon 8-drawer chest are trademarks of PotteryBarn, Ana White and Ballard Designs. These are not my pictures nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. 

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