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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pinterest Picks of the Day

Hey all! I'm going to be starting something new around here. I would like you all to get to know me a little bit more. And by doing so, I will be starting my Pinterest Picks of the day where I will share my top 5 Pinterest picks from 5 different categories. DIY, Women's ..., Decor, Humor and Children's. I will be explaining why I like the picks I've chosen and how they inspire me. 

I love DIY projects. I'm a little slow to completing them though. Most times it's because funds run out do to unforeseen circumstances involving children lol. I love finding something new that I can actually accomplish. It's a rush and a thrill. I also love the challenge I set before myself to put my own little spin on a project.

I think that every woman out there should be inspired in beauty, wardrobe, and just in their daily lives. That's why I'm sharing something that deals with women in general. This could be a recipe, or make up, or an outfit or article of clothing. It could also be a trend or an upcoming fad. 

Decor is something that I recently fell into. Now I don't consider myself educated in decor by any means. But it is something that I really like and will be learning about in the near furture. I am currently trying to redecorate my entire house kind over the next year. And with moving it's proving to be difficult. I'm on the DIY bandwagon for decorating my home and finding cool things at HomeGoods, TJMaxx and local thrift stores.

Humor in one's life is a good find. If you can laugh at yourself, you've got it made. People who tend to take things seriously end up more stressed and sick because there is no relief and laughter can bring relief to everyday challenges. So I will be sharing something that most of us will be able to laugh our butt's off at.

I have children. Simply put, I am ALWAYS on the look out for things to do with and for my children. I love them to death and they are the apple of my eye. Plus I know a lot of other mommies out there who would love to see inspiring things about children and activities.

No.1 DIY

DIY No Sew Tree Skirt!!!!!

I have been looking for a new tree skirt. How cute is this? And the fact that there is NO sewing!!!! I love the burlap and the red red color. It screams Christmas and holiday to me. Look at all that texture! I will be trying this one out this upcoming holiday season :) <3

No.2 Women's...

Fall Outfit of Choice.

I found this little number and I fell in love!! I absolutely adore the layering in this outfit. But I also love the sheer simplicity of it as well. It's just a simple pair of pants and shirt with a leather cropped jacket. But the chunky infinity scarf and sueded over the knee riding boots adds the final touch of this new classic. These pieces should be staples of every young women's closet. I know I have all the above minus the jacket, which is making it to the top of my must buy list this fall season.

No.3 Decor

Closet Playhouse

Ok so just for a minute...HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS???!!!!! We're making this the moment, ok maybe not the exact moment, we buy a house! This is soo stinking cool. It's almost unfathomable until you realize that you can build this. This is something that stood out to me within the first five swipes of my mouse. It's so unique and inviting and cute and friendly and just darn adorable. I love the idea of having an indoor cottage playhouse. And beat of all, you're decorating a wall. Because it's just a closet. I mean sure they probably built some cool play furniture for the inside, but who cares about that right? I love the stable door. And the cedar shingles. I think this is my favorite home decor/DIY project ever. Ever.

No.4 Humor :)

What I love about this, is that my husband just washed our car on Saturday. I mean he cleaned and detailed it. It looks amazing, right? He spent a couple of hours on the vacuuming, washing the inside of the windows and shampooing the carpets. Now mind you, we have four children. Three that can do permanent damage. So when I say he washed the inside windows I mean he scrubbed the inside windows. And he also scrubbed the ceiling and the carpets lol. That same night a bird crapped on our car LOL!!! I mean it could have rained. But no. It was poop. At the very least it stayed in it's place. It didn't drip or anything lol.

No. 5 Children's

Dresser Re-Do 

This little DIY make over reminds me of an upcoming project that the hubs and I are about to spear head. I'll tell you more of that story in a future post *wink wink*. Our daughters need a new dresser, and we have one chillin' out in our garage. Now, I'm not going to be doing anything this bold. This dresser we remade into a storage piece for a kitchen. We're keeping our dresser's purpose the same. But, I wanted to share with you all and give you a glimpse of what we're about to do...

Now, seeing these picks I hope that you have a better feel for me and what my interests are. I hope that you visit the sites that the links(pics) are associated with. These picks came from a  lot of talented people and I hope that you enjoy their blog or websites and leave a shout out if you do visit them.

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