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Friday, September 28, 2012


Has anyone ever needed a reboot? Seriously. I mean you have put things off for so long or life has gotten so busy that you've gotten behind on everything. So you need a reboot. Kind of like that old TV show. I'm dating myself here. But it was on Cartoon Network back in the 90's and there were robots? No? Anyone? I guess I'm older than I though. Sheesh, thanks for all your help lol. Anyways, I'm there. We're in the midst of getting ready to move. We have literally 38 until we drive away from Groton, CT. Where are we driving to you ask? Kittery, ME. Where will we be living you ask? I have no idea. The housing up there is all full up. There is no where for us to live, and all of the rental houses are too much for our measly BAH(Basic Allowance for Housing). Take that military!!!! You don't pay us poor enlisted folk enough money!!! But before I tell you how I really feel, let's get back to the topic at hand ;). Reboot. 

The hubs and I desperately need one. And it needs to come with caffeine and all of the B vitamins to boot. We have all things big things planned and little to no time and a mountain of stress to achieve them under. Basically all the DIY projects I'm tackling myself. This weekend I hope to refinish a dresser, build a screened hamper and hopefully strip and stain an antique door. Now most things are done. The door is stripped, the hamper pieces are cut and the dresser is mostly sanded. 

Have any of you out there ever needed a Reboot? Or have had to gather your wits before you lose them completely? Has anyone ever seen Reboot? 
What future DIY's are you planning on tackling in the upcoming weeks? I'd love to hear some of your crazy hairbrained schemes!!

P.S. I am devastatingly sorry about the Pinterest Picks. I have been so busy it ain't even no joke. But tomorrow morning I will have a new set of Pinterest picks up for you all to enjoy.

Loves <3

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