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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Glass Thumb Tacks

Can I say that I absolutely LOVE DIY projects!!! It's one of those things that if you complete it, successfully(according to yourself), it boosts your self-esteem like 10 notches. I know that's how I feel when I complete a DIY. A lot like most of you I'm a Pinterest-a-holic. I scour Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for my home and my everyday life. I've made a few recipes and some decor items. My husband has also made furniture from plans found on Pinterest like the Tryde Coffee Table and the Farmhouse Table and Benches. These plans can be found here on Ana White's Website.

Here is my next DIY. And yes, lol I'm pleased with this one too! I'm already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas ones :). Onto the project!!

Whoops!! I have to announced that I have posted this on the Bower Power Blog for the 2012 Pinterest Challenge!!! Come on and check out all the really cool Pinterest inspired goodies a whole bunch of lovely people have made!!

DIY Glass Thumb Tacks
The Inspiration For This Challenge Found Here

Glass Beads 

Scrapbook Paper or Fabric

Thumb Tacks

Super Strength Craft Glue( I used E-6000 purchased at Michael's)

Regular Glue

Tooth Picks

Craft Scissors

And a Pencil
(No picture of course. I hope you all know what a pencil looks like lol)

This project was pretty inexpensive. I had all but two items on the supplies list. The missing items I purchased at the Dollar Tree. But I'll give you a rundown of what everything cost me approximately.

Scrapbook paper $.59-$.99 a sheet at a craft store like Michael's. With that you could make a gazillion of these alone!

Glass beads $1 at a dollar store

Glue $1 at a dollat store or Wal-Mart

Craft or Kid Safety Scissors $2-$4

E-6000 or similar glue $4

Thumb Tacks $1 at a dollar store

Pencil $1 for a pack at a dollar store

Now that we have all of that situated let's begin! 
First, you're going to want to take your scrapbook paper or fabric. Lay it out on a clean surface.
Grab a little glass bead and trace it with your pencil onto your paper or fabric.

Cut out your little tracing. But remember to cut the circle/oval smaller than the glass bead. You don't want any paper sticking out from the sides.

Spread a thin layer of glue onto the back of the glass bead. I used the tip if this Martha Stewart glue bottle. Please ignore the pots and Rubbermaid container in the background lol.

Then stick your cutout onto the glue covered bead. And press a little firmly to be sure the glue is spread out evenly.

The next two steps I forgot to take pics I'm so sorry for this. But use your imagination and you'll do fine. I promise.

Okay now you're going to want to be careful and fast at the sametime. I know doesn't make sense, but it's true. Set aside a thumb tack. Make sure it's visible and well with in reach. Okay. Good. Now,grab your super glue/adhesive and a toothpick.  Carefully but swiftly squirt some of that glue onto the toothpick. Now apply the crafty super glue to the back of a thumb tack. Got it? 

Now gently adhere the crafty super covered thumb tack to the back of your paper/fabric covered glass bead and press firmly. But make sure not to disturb the paper/fabric while doing so.

Yay picture!!

(See in this pic you can see that I obviously cut my paper too big. I had to go back a trim it up after everything was dry)

Now repeat this whole process again and again until you have the number of glass thumb tacks you want. Word of advise though, cut out all your paper/fabric circles first. Then follow the above steps.

My finished products!! Enjoy!!

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Wow, lol, that's not a big list. I could have sworn I've done more than this. Anyway, are there any DIY challenges you've completed or are in the middle of? I'd love to hear about them!! Do you have any DIY you'd like to see me complete? Is so just let me know! Send me a message or PM with all the details. Thanks!!

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