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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Days in Instagram

Imma tell you a little secret... I have fallen in love with Instagram. I think that it is so awesome that you can take and edit photos all with a few buttons on your portable device. I just think that it's amazing. You can make a bowl of the most boring cereal look down right amazing! Here are some pictures of my daily life taken in Instagram. I hope that you enjoy them!!

Starting off an afternoon(cause that's how I roll) with a cold glass of Lemonade Iced Tea. And yes the Iced Tea is freshly prepared by using tea bags. I love with this filter did to my nail color!!

Daddy enjoying some bonding time with our youngest, Blake.

Are all 6 year old boys really this crazy? This is Seamus, crazy and wacky extraordinaire. He blurts out sounds and words at an ear splitting volume and then takes off running throughout the house. Is it just me or is this typical?

Please disregard that previous question. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

My son absolutely adores anything his father does. Golf, video games, chips, soda just to name a few. But one thing that he has caught a bug for is soccer. He is naturally talented in that realm. I played it in high school but that was it. He just goes mad for it! He was receiving a medal in this picture.

This was his team this past spring. I'm about to sign him up for the fall session.

This little decorative endeavor was Pinterest inspired. I used one 8ft. MDF board(cost me $3.88), scrap book paper(around $.59-$1.99 per sheet), circular saw and Mod Podge.

Okay Quick tutorial. First Cut your MDF board into the size(s) you want. Apply paper to board(s) with Mod Podge. Trim edges if necessary(I had to). Then apply two more coats of Mod Podge with drying in between. I hang or prop it up somewhere and voila! You have homemade art. Nifty huh?

Blake was a big boy at birth weighing in at a whopping 10.4lbs. This was a picture I took(duh!) of his thigh when he was only a few weeks old!

My little sleeping man

Ever since Blake has been born my eldest, Seamus has been extremely excited to do anything with Blake. Which is a blessing and a curse if you ask me. It's a blessing because he's so willing to help out. But it's a curse because he can be over zealous.

Brotherly love. I think this explains their relationship perfectly :)

I our house glasses don't last very long due to the clumsiness of a certain individual. I won't name and names. So as a way to say money, I just converted our old Classico spaghetti sauce jars into drinking glasses by washing them in the dishwasher. I know it was tough, but I managed. This is a pic of one of the jars with that Lemonade Iced Tea. 

What? A mother has to have a picture with her baby. You know one that doesn't make her look bad.

My fourth of July mani. I used Wet n' Wild's Fast Dry in Saved By the Blue, Julep's Christina(dupe for that is Finger Paint's Vermillion and Painting. Can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply) and Sally Hansen's Crackle Overcoat in Snow Blast. With a base coat of Essie's Feed Me and a top coat of Essie's Good To Go. I applied the base coat, two coats of Christina, did a gradient of Saved by the Blue and topped it off with the crackle overcoat and a top coat.

These jars-into-glasses look much better when propped in front of home decor magazines.

This was another DIY project. The lamp in this picture has been in our house for a few years now. It used to be more of a bronze color. It's from Wal-Mart, this is a lamp with the same color. I spray painted it with Rusoleum's American Accents Satin Metallics Aged Bronze. I also bought this super uber cool Shade from Wal-mart(?) as well, but don't quote me on it. 

This is one of the few moments where my girls are showing their sisterly love in front of me.

Blake was feeding in this pic. I spared you a shot of my boob. You're Welcome. That would have been a little awkward. Wouldn't you agree? It would be like "Oh hey, check out these cool pics and captions on Portia's WHOA BOOBIES!!! I'm never coming back here again..." I wanted to avoid all of that.

In Blake's mind it's going one of two ways "Welcome to the party!" or  "You can look, but all this milk is mine. MINE I TELL YOU!!!".

A banana rope ball purchased at Pier 1 Imports.

My hubby's new-to-him super cool golf bag with clubs he scored for $25 at the local thrift store. To all of you in the Groton-New London area. Go to Serenity Thrift and Bookstore on Rte 12. It's a hop skip and a jump away from the Dunkin Donuts with the drive thru by Sleepy's. And across the street and down a little from Bank of America. One of Richard's students gave him the Stewie club cover as a graduation gift( he's a SONAR A school instructor at Subase New London). 

I hope you enjoyed the pics and captions!! Have a blessed day everyone!

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