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Friday, July 20, 2012

Beds, Beds and more BEDS!! Part 1

When it comes to cheapness we're right there. I mean we're down in the dirt with the worms. We go to thrift stores, Good Will, Salvation Army and yardselling. We even drive around Navy housing looking to see what people are giving away for free(provided it's a good quality). Now most people I would assume, are looking for clothing or little trinkets to dress their home with. And a lot look for refurbishable furniture. I am one of those people that has absolutely no luck finding great finds. I'm not sure if I go at the wrong time, or if I'm too busy trying to corral my four little ones that I just miss that diamond in the rough. So as a best case scenario, I've decided to enlist the brawn of my husband and make our own quality homemade furniture. Many of you know this from my Facebook posts or reading this blog.

Ok I know I'm starting to lose you. So... here's our next almost finished project(s). We currently for the last week or two and including the upcoming week building all new beds in our home. Back in January when we had a queen bed, our frame broke!! One of those metal frames that can fold up broke!! While we were chillin' in bed. The hubs and I were fighting(totally play of course) over what to watch, golf or HGTV. And I guess while we were wrestling, the leg said "I quit" and just gave out on us. And wouldn't you know, the same thing happened to ALL of our kids beds too. Seamus' slats failed to keep him supported. Lylian had a cheapo toddler bed that kicked the bucket within 10 months of it being purchased. And Maddalaena had Lylian's old crib that we converted to a toddler bed and that just up and jumped off a cliff. Then we got a few replacement beds for free. Now those aren't working out. Ergo we're making kick butt new beds. They're low to the ground so no toys can hide out, and IF our children decide to fall off, they won't have far to fall. So here's the progress so far...

Richard wanted a "man" shot of him lifting something big lol.

Hey measure twice and cute once right?
I kept screwing up him by talking to him lol. And he wanted to make sure that I got an action shot.

Well here's that crappy  slightly dark but wonderful action shot he was talking about. The blade is actually rotating.

Here is Seamus' frame to his bed laid out. My husband is a perfectionist and squared each corner at least 5 times. No joke.

Here he again...squaring

The corner. Nice isn't it?

And here is my youngest little girl. In her brand new romper spoken dress. She loves this thing. Cool thing about it is that I got it for free. All I had to do was pay shipping. 

The side and middle supports are in!!!

Up close, slightly and uncomfortably personal.

Another action shot. My hubs is so wonderful that he actually posed for a lot of these photos. Well, he posed because the saw was really loud without ear plugs. Yes I know this is a drill lol.

And there are the legs in all their shapely and naked glory.

And now the slats are being hammered in place.

And here she is in all her bare boned glory. Rich built this full sized platform bed in two and a half hours!!!! Crazy I know!! He is Ah-MAZING!!!

Side shot. Makes me think of BBQ ribs. Hot.Off.The.Grill. Ooohhh Yeeaahh.

The first coat of paint is on. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the paint job for this bed and helping the hubs disassemble the other bed. These plans are from Ana White's Hailey Platform Bed Project Plan.  I love me some Ana White woodworking plans. They are awesome and super easy to follow. And I love how she makes plans for projects that can be done at an inexpensive price.

Are any of you getting ideas to start building your own furniture? Or if you're not ready to build are any of you thinking about refinishing furniture? Let me know if you have any ideas or if there's anything you'd like to see me do!

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