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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Table Completion!!

Da-du-da-Da!!!! We have finished our table!!!!! It is currently sitting in our eating area with it's two corresponding benches!! You have no idea how RELIEVED I am that this big project is done. It took roughly three weeks, a broken circular saw and a lot of warped boards to get this thing done.

This project was a total nightmare. I dreamt about it. I cried over it. And it turned me into a crazy monster. Of course while the building of this project was underway I was very, very pregnant. I was in my 8th month and I was impatient and extremely hormonal. I begged my husband, well nagged would be a better word, to finish. And all it did was drive him to practically hate the fact that he ever agreed to do this for me. Lesson learned I will not nag said husband anymore. Ok, this table is a monster piece. It's plans, found on Ana White, were modeled after Restoration Hardware's Farmhouse Table. Which is gorgeous by the way. I absolutely love their table. I love my table too. But there are things that I would have done differently. Who am I kidding? There are things I would have had my hubby do differently lol. Like I actually built this table. First I would have purchased my lumber elsewhere. I love the Orange Store, but framing lumber, which is what they sell, is not ideal for a project this size. Most of the pieces we purchased were warped or had staples and cracks in the wood. Second, for the legs of the tables and benches, I would have used plain 4x4's instead of two 2x4's. I think it would have looked a lot better. With that being said here are the completed pictures!!

Bench with some condensation

Slanted table top shot. One cost of stain on it.

Another table top shot



Table in the house!!

Up close of the color

The crooked benches!! 

Condensation awaits

I think they came out great for the cost and for the condition of the wood. Keep tuned in for the next set of updates to our family home!! If anyone has any questions just let me know!!

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