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Friday, February 3, 2012

Organization Dramatization

Since about November I have been struck with the craziest urge to change my house. Right now it is a serious cluttered, disorganized mess. There are toys, books, clothes and a few other random items littering almost every surface of our small home. So I have set out the task at hand to change anything and everything I can. We are redecorating and refurbishing the girl's bedroom, redecorating my son's rooms and adding the new babies furniture and decor to it. Redecorating our bedroom and bathroom. New
Curtains and a rug in the living room. Not to mention to add to all that, I gave my husband a purpose. To replace any piece of furniture that is falling apart or that I think should exist. That's a big list. So far we have the coffee table built and finished.

My goal is to have it all, minus my girl's furniture done by March 2. I'm so excited I get this project underway. There's going to be painting of curtains and painting of wood, bin organization and a lot more things.

Does anyone have any DIY projects they're attempting? Or any home decorating they going to or want to accomplish? I love hearing from you! Any tips for me to try?


  1. WOW that is a BIG list! My advice would be to take it a little bit at a time. I know we all want these things done right away but it takes time and money to complete so many big projects. We've been in our house almost 11 yrs {and yes, it's very small} and we've made a few small changes every year. It's all coming together, it just takes time. =) Then the issue is to find contentment, something I've struggled with over the years but find that the older I get the more I realize my home will never be "perfect" or exactly what I always dreamed of, but I'm happy that we have a place to call home and the Lord is helping teach me contentment. =)

  2. Realistically, I know it all isn't going to get done. I wish it would but we don't have that time. The furniture is a must and the decor items are primarily beddin curtains and some painted by hand canvas' that I will be providing. Thank you for you words or encouragement and concern. I really appreciate it. We transfer in November, so the biggest goal is to have the furniture built and finished lol.