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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Things To Come

Happy January 2nd!!! I'm wasting no time getting into the swing of this new year. I did get a late start though. I woke up at 7:15am. That's pretty late for us. My son's bus comes around 7:45-7:50. I had to wake up two little girls and a baby, get hair done, dressed and fed. Oh and my son too. I was so late in fact that I had to shoo my son out the door to catch the bus without me walking him to the bus stop (something I HATE doing). I hurriedly got everyone else geared up and out the door just in time to wave to him as the bus pulled away. Talk about a close call!!

So if you've made new resolutions or game changers, don't feel bad. You can always make them happen no matter how late you are or how far off schedule you are. I did it :)

This year I am not going to say I am turning over a new leaf. But I will be building, decorating, organizing and taking you along with me. Our household, since moving, has lost almost all form of a schedule. When my eldest was little, we had a strict schedule. From food to toy pick up to bedtime routine not minute was to be missed or the apocalypse would ensue( or so I thought). After having a few more children I realized that I could relax and not stick to such a crazy-strict schedule. Well, now the not-so-crazy schedule is long gone and everyone is sorta flying by the seat of their pants.

New chore charts will be made, closets will be cleaned out, a new command center will be erected and the cobwebs are comin' down baby(figure of speech). Although in these homes cobwebs really do exist and it wasn't because of us. We've only been here about two months.

Magnetic Kids Chore Chart from A Spotted Pony    White Command Center from Maven of Savin'

Some of my closest family and friends know that I am a planning freak. I will sit down to plan something out in the morning and next thing I know I'm prying myself away from my computer to get my son from the bus. It's bad. The Hubbs sometimes brags about it and not in a good way. Know what I mean?

DIY Paint Chip Calendar from The Bird With The French Fry

One of my "things" I will be working on is to be more of a doer and less of a planner/dreamer. There are so many times where I let opportunities slip by because I'm too busy planning every facet of the details. 

Another is to be more home organized. My house isn't the most organized space. There are toys, clothing, sometimes food and dirt everywhere. My sewing has over taken the sewing table, papers have over taken the desk, and toys have over taken every other square inch of this house. I'll be labeling and sorting every room in my home. And I can't wait :D 

Burlap Sacks from Pottery Barn

Is it sad that I have been dreaming about this for years?

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