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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ballet & Snow

Ever since I was a small child I loved ballet. I loved how graceful and strong and beautiful the ballerinas were. I loved the costumes and the stage. But I never danced. My mother couldn't afford for me to take ballet and my grandparents wouldn't support it for their own reasons. Now that I'm a mommy to two little girls I have the absolute privilege of living vicariously through them hehehe(maniacal laugh). 

Not only do I get to watch do something I love but I love seeing them do that something that I love lol. I'm blessed, so far they like it. They love the slippers and the costumes. And my youngest, Maddy J, calls them "go-llet lippers". It's just too cute. 

Maddy J. I have no idea what kind of face she was making.

Lyli Rose. When I told her that she was going to be taking ballet, she did a happy dance and squealed!!

Ok so ages 14 and 12 anyone? I swear by this age(4 and 3) they come preloaded with all the attitude and sass a teenage girl could ever need.

And for B-Dubb?? Well...Not a single care was given that day :)

Today, there is snow. And it just keeps coming! I love it. Well, the look of it. There are few things more magical and more peaceful than a blanket of  freshly fallen snow.

This is the view from our back porch. 

Right past the playground is water.  People load their canoes and kayaks and just go. It's really interesting having the water right there.

I am ashamed to say that I didn't have my camera out when all my kids were outside.
There would have been some awesomely spectacular shots. Kids were having snowball fights and wrestling matches in the snow!!

 I love the falling snow against the brick. 

The side yard I guess you could call it. I am really not digging the log/cabin style homes lol. I guess back in the 30's this was it huh?

This is B-Dubb's first official snow. All the others he couldn't sit or stand in it. So this is the only one that counts lol.

Lyli Rose and Maddy J clowin' around. Shh don't look but their snow pants are too small. I have to get them new ones lol.

Isn't he just adorable?

Anyone else getting slammed with snow/ice? Any snowboarding, skiing or sledding planned for the afternoon?

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