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Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Gems Family Update

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDALAENA!!!!!!! My baby girl turned 3 years old yesterday!! I can't believe she's 3 already! It was like I gave birth to her yesterday. 

Maddy J 1/13/2010 19.5in 7.06lbs.      Maddy J 1/13/2013 31.5in 28lbs. 

Right now I'm rocking out to Cheryl Lloyd's I Want You Back. For some reason I like this song even though the "UGHH!!" is REALLY cheesy :)

We went to the clinic today because Blake and Maddalaena had their follow up check ups. Blake had his 9 month and Maddy J had her 3 year. We got there and did the standard fill-out-100-or-so-pages of forms before being admitted. That took a minute. Then we had to wait for a good 20-30 minutes to see the doctor. Whom I love, because she takes her time to explain everything to you so that you understand and don't screw up your kids. She's very patient. And kind. 

So the hospitalman(woman) took all the measurements and vitals. My little macho man Blake "B-Dubb" Allen weighed in at 21lbs and stood tall at 31.5in. Not to be confused with the 37.5 I posted earlier(sorry about that :)). And my pin thin little lady stood high at 39.5in and weighed in at a mere 28lbs. Tall and thin. And I'm breeding a tight end with B-Dubb. Patriots keep your eyes peeled for this guy huh huh?? Wink wink.

Now, who likes getting shots? I don't mind them. I just stare them down like when Maddy J steals my chapstick out of my purse. Yes...she did that today. My girls hate LOATHE them. They scream and cry. It takes two people sometimes three to hold them down, one at a time. So I had to beat around the bush when they asked if they were getting shots. I would say "I'm not sure" or "Blake is getting a shot". They would smile at that one. But in the end they each got a flu vaccine. But the crazy news came when I found out that the clinic might have accidentally mixed up their vaccinations. Meaning Maddalaena got Lylian's(in November, they had physicals) and vice versa. I was very questionable and upset. Although I kept my composure. The Hubs would have been proud :) Thank you, thank you *pats self on back. But now, I have no clue who has what and what's needed next. So far no one seems to be struggling or having a reaction to getting vaccinations mixed up. 

On that note, PLEASE make sure that the immunization people know who they're giving what to. 
It's scary not knowing what's going on. The problem is, with my girls being so close in age they're easily confused. Typically people mix up their names. They'll say Lylianna? Which is gorgeous, but it's not my kids name lol.

B-Dubb's adenoids are quite large. The doctor doesn't know if it's due to allergies or if he has a problem that might require surgery. He has very little space between the upper back of this throat and his tongue.  So he's on Singulair for a few weeks to see if that clears anything up. If so, then we know it's allergies. If not then we know that it's something more serious. B-Dubb's issue right now is that he snores very heavily. Even to the point where it wakes him up at night. He also stops breathing sporadically. Which can be very dangerous. So we're hoping to get this issue resolved soon.

Both Maddy J and B-Dubb have small umbilical hernia's. Maddy J has had hers since she was about 6 months old. I've been waiting for it to close and it hasn't. So we're going to wait it out with both of them to see if it closes or if any pain comes from having the hernias. If pain occurs than Maddy J will have to have surgery. She will have to go under with anesthesia and everything. All this will happen probably when Richard is out to sea. Please keep our family in your prayers as we sort all of these things out. 

Me on the other hand? I have been picking up amazing finds to refinish. And I've also picked up the fabric to make floor cloths for the dining room and kitchen, and to reupholster the dining chairs. I found a $5 rocking horse that I'll be repainting and a $13 dining table with a leaf that seats 6 at max that I will be refinishing in Annie Sloan's chalk paint and soft wax in brown in the upcoming month or so. Keep a look out and keep coming back for more projects and updates!!!

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