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Friday, January 18, 2013

Irwin St. Gingerbread Homes

Sorry that this post is late. I've been distracted with a bunch of things lately. Like, which DIY project should I tackle first? Or how long is my husband going to be at sea? Or how long can I tolerate my children in the most loving fashion without losing ?? Things like that lol. I'm not going to lie, it's been a little tough. But really only on the discipline side. The Hubs is in San Diego for a bit until he does out to sea on a submarine. He's debating being gone from either 4 months to 6 months. He wants to be on the fast track to Chief and he's convinced this will do it.

Anyway, on  a better note... We were invited to our neighbors house to decorate gingerbread houses. I snapped a few not-so-hot pics of the process. My children loved it. And I recommend doing this in the future. But you can do it for other holidays. Like, for Easter you can make a tomb, the one that Jesus rose from. Or if you don't believe in that, a little house or rabbit hole for the Easter bunny. 

This was our first year being invited to a gingerbread house making party or making ginger bread houses at home in general. We had a lot of fun. In some of the pictures it doesn't look it though.

The ingredients. Some M&M's, chocolate snocaps, pretzels, coconut shavings, icing, gobbstoppers and so on.

My little Lylibug using her fabulous icing bag to spread icing on her house. 
This is a good tip. Use a Ziploc baggie to frost/ice cookies, houses cakes if you don't have an icing bag. Just cut a very small piece of the tip of the bag off.

Little Miss Kinley. She's absolutely adorable and a new friend to my girls.

Some of the village homes.

Carter icing his roof. His house was one of the coolest ones.

B-Dubb being held by Ms. Niomi. He looks pensive. 

Anna-Claire(left) and her big sis(and our babysitter) Brooke. Brooke is also the girls Sunday School Teacher. 

Miss Chrissy and Kinley's gingerbread house. It's far from finished and came out more elaborately than this. 

Coconut shavings as snow. See I would have never thought of this. I know it's simple but I don't think like this lol.

Tootise Rolls for logs I guess? And Pretzels with M&M's for an enchanted walkway.

Seamus and Anna-Claire were decorating their houses together. Poor Seamus, his house kept falling apart no matter how much "glue" Miss Niomi used.

Seamus's roof I think? It might be Anna-Claire's.

I just had to snap a few pics of B-Dubb being just adorably cute and perfect.

This little visit was so much fun!! Niomi has Christmas lights hung in a zig zag pattern across her ceiling because the wiring in housing stinks so bad. Lights burn out all the time. The lights give a warm glow throughout the kitchen. It feels cozy and like you're outside at one of those street parties in a spanish town somewhere.

Mmm-mmm munching on my first pretzel.

Nom nom nom

I love this little camp fire!!! So inventive Chrissy!!

Peppermint hearts.

The Irwin St. Gingerbread homes. Since we live on a Cul-de-Sac we made the houses on one too.

B-Dubb just can't hang.

Google streets view

Now it's Google Maps lol.
I couldn't get a good enough shot for Apple Maps.

Any of you do any cool Christmas themed activities? Any time spent with friends? Any surprise guests??

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