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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beds, Beds and more BEDS!!! Part 2

Okay now I know that I have left you all in suspense long enough. Except for my next door neighbor Angela, she was the first non-family member to see these. The Fillman twin beds and the Hailey full platform beds(which can be found HERE and HERE are finished!!! Yay!! If you missed out here's Part 1. These beds were a cinch to build( I just watched The Hubs do all the work:) ). They took no time at all and painting went quickly. Now for the girl's beds I used Valspar's Paramount White in their Ultra Paint + Primer Plus Zero VOC line. For Seamus' bed I used Behr's Soulful Music in their Premium Plus Zero VOC line. Both of these lines are self priming and safe to use around children as there are virtually no harmful fumes. 

Behr Premium Plus Plus Zero VOC in Soulful Music

  Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer Plus Zero VOC in Paramount White

Maddalaena's bed. The canopies you see pictured are from Ikea. You can find similar here. But I paid $10 each.

Didn't realize how crooked this picture was...oh well :)

The slats for support but my children think they're spring boards.

My eldest son' bed. Don't mind the Journey's Kidz Catalogue under the bed.(Psst..He's a shoe fanatic!!)

We love Ikea so much that even the mattress' for ALL of our beds(except the baby's) are from there.

Don't mind my sloppy painting. I was never good at coloring inside the lines ;)

And there you have it. All three beds finished! From start to finish it took three days to do all three beds. It was an enjoyable process.

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