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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mid Autumn Hiatus

Whew!!! It has been a MINUTE since I've been on here to update you with anything hasn't it? Well, let me fill you on in on the events that have been happening in the Allen house.

First we moved!!! Yes!! We are no longer in Groton,. We are now in lovely Kittery, ME. I like the area but not the house so much. I'll get into that in a minute. The move wasn't bad. We lived in our house without furniture except for our mattresses for four days. The kids went absolutely crazy. The funny part is, we thought we packed enough for hem to keep busy. They had books and games and toys and art. They even had access to the new iPad. But they weren't having it. We were very blessed to have good friends feed us and in one case allow us to bathe our children at their home. I even got a recipe out of it that puts Olive Garden's Soupa Toscana to shame!!

Second, we were over charged for the damage in our home to the carpets. I HATE renting with carpets. But hey, now we don't have to worry about that:). We weren't charged for a few other things though so, it could have been worse.

Third, the drive was fairly easy. We drive by Gillette Stadium home of the Patriots!!! That's right baby RAISE THE ROOF. Please bear with as I take it back to the early 90's. we saw some awesome views and some really cool architecture. Sorry not many pictures, we were in quite the hurry to meet our move in appt.

Ugh, the houses. Now let me say this we're blessed to have a roof over our heads. It was only two weeks before we moved that we received news that they didn't have a house for us . That being said...
These houses are old. They creak something fierce, the walls are bowing, there is separation between the walls and ceilings, the rooms are tiny and come with no lights, our master bedroom floor was damaged prior to move in, there is paint on things that shouldn't have paint, there is no counter space in the kitchen, there is damage to the walls, we can't mount anything heavy because there's asbestos. So with all that being said lol, we're making the best of it. We do like the layout of this house. That's about it.

Now, I'm currently picking the DIY projects I hope to accomplish over the next two years. Adding a new tv console, faux fireplace mantel and gel-fueled fireplace in the living room. A new bed frame w/ a headboard(upholstered of course), night stands, dresser, faux mantel and another gel-fuel fire place in the master room. A dresser(large) bunk beds in the boys room. Turning the baby 's room into a nursery. And adding bunk beds to the girls room. Also putting a china cabinet with hutch into the dining room with refinished benches. It's a lot, I know. But it's so much more cost effective building than buying. Or refinishing than building(in rare circumstances). We also intend on painting or applying self adhesive textured wall paper.

I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers!!! And please continue praying for us as we search for a church for us to get plugged into. And finishing up getting our house situated.

Do any of you have holiday decorating plans? Anything DIY style?? I'd live to hear from you.

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