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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Something Worth Waiting For

Has anyone out there ever been pushed to their patience limits? Like for example, waiting for something for a really long time? I've waited for things in the past that once received were well worth the wait. The hubbs and I have been waiting for 5 years to make 1st Petty Officer. In the Navy, that's one step below chief. It means higher pay, a higher tax bracket, more responsibility and more recognition. And people listen to you more, generally because you know more about what you're talking about. Making 1st signifies that you're worth something. You have knowledge and experience and leadership qualities. All of these things my husband has and has had for a little bit of time. That's why we jumped for joy and screamed when we found out a few hours ago that he had in fact, after 5 years, made 1st Class Petty Officer. I am so proud of him. And so thankful after all these years of waiting to read those results. It has made us faithful in the Lord and it has made us patient. Congrats baby you deserve it!!!

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