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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Something I've Been Working On...

Hey all, just dropping in to let you know that I still exist and that I've been working on a little something. I have created a design board mostly for me, but also for all of you to enjoy. This design board has taken me hours of hunting down pictures, looking up tutorials and booking marking/pinning. I've been on the hunt for the perfect furniture, textile and accessory inspiration for my very first room design. I am attempting to design my own dining room this winter. I will be in and out of local thrift stores and pouring over the internet to find the perfect pieces for this space. If you've seen my earlier posts you'll know that we have recently built the Ana White Farmhouse Table with matching benches. Now I want to mix that table(and one bench) with kind of a french antique cottage look. Here's what I came up with:

Do you see what I'm getting at? I have our table pictured top left centered. Next to that on the left, I want to build a similar bookcase. Except it'll be 6'x4' and it'll be stained the color of the table. I have two bookcases pictured because I love the design of both of them. The picture on the middle right side has different pitchers in white. I want to do something relative to this. My bookcase will be covered in white dishes except they will all be serveware. You know platters, pitchers, bowls and condiment types.

 The chairs I would like them all to be a french inspired oval back chair, but the don't have to match one another exactly. They'll be painted a similar color, as in the picture, but I will be using the Premier Prints Canopy Stripe in Storm in the upper right corner. 

For decor I was thinking of covering insulation board with the three fabric swatches pictured lower left. I love those colors together and I think that the powder blue will give the room the pop it needs. Also dead center is the portrait of the swans that I found randomly online. It's sold in an Etsy shop but I forgot which one. 

And last but not least, lighting. I have a chandelier already. Just exactly like this one. My is a pale gold and I got it for $30 from a really nice lady out in Kennebunk, ME. I'd say that was a steal. Brand new this baby retails for $242.

So what do you all think? This is my very first proper design board and my very first home decor/re-design project. I hope that I can find everything I'm looking for, for the price I want to pay. I'm also going to be debuting something new and unique in the upcoming month or so. Unfortunately I have to wait until the Hubs goes to sea in order to get all that I want accomplished. But I think he'll be pleased with my efforts, the design and most of all...the cost!

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