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Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Scrap Fabric Wreath Tutorial

Today we're going to make a scrap fabric wreath. These wreaths are super easy to make and can dress up any room or any door. They can be used for birthdays or holidays. They can also be used in everyday decorating. Let's get started.

-Wreath. I got mine from the dollar store but you can buy them in different materials at a variety of stores.

-Scrap fabric in varying widths. Length doesn't really matter because you'll cut the ends to your desired length.

-Pinking shears for cutting strips of fabric. You could also tear the fabric.

 -Glue sticks for glueing on your decorative embellishment.

-Needle and thread in coordinating color.

- Decorative embellishment( I used fabric flowers, tutorial after the jump)

Okay, so you're going to want to cut or tear your fabric scraps in 1-1.5in widths and at least 10in long. I don't know how many strips I cut out so start with about 4-5 of each fabric print. You can always add more later.

Then take your strips and tie them(I double knotted them) to the wreath tightly. Cut the ends of the fabric to your desired length. Remember you don't want them too short. And you don't want them too long or it'll look like the thing that hangs from a male turkeys nose. But prettier because you'll have pretty fabric :)

On my wreath I added fabric flowers as a decorative accent. But you can add bows, mini hats, buttons or simply fill the whole wreath with fabric strips.

Cut fabric 12-13in in Length. The width will depend on how large you want your flower. I had varying sized flowers . So my largest was about 5.5-6in in width.

Fold you fabric in half wrong sides together.
Using a basting stitch, or by hand, sew around the open sides of the fabric. 
Remember no back stitching if using a machine. I did my stitches by hand. 
Then gently pull the thread to gather the fabric into a flower. 
Knot and sew the edges closed.

Glue embellishment to wreath with hot glue gun. Add ribbon or string to the top of your wreath. Hang and admire!

 And of course I couldn't forget to add my partner in crime! But you can tell this profession is cutting into his nap time.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out. Any thing else you'd like to see done?

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