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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Master Bedroom Reveal!!

Over the last month or so I have been hard at work redesigning our master bedroom.
I am absolutely excited for this!!! Like I'm so happy that my cheeks hurt from smiling from too much. You know? Like my inner child is jumping up and down screaming "Weeeeeeeeee" eh let's be real. It's me not my inner child. I have been waiting 8 years to finally do this. Now, what I'm about t show you is phase 1-3. Yes, there are phases. There's still a ton more to do! Now when I started off with this project, I had high high hopes of building this room completely DIY style. I was going to build the furniture and stain it and then have The Hubs make some mirrors and a mantel and what not. But then The Hubs went on deployment. So I copped out. I bought some stuff and finished it. So it became a partial DIY project. We're still going to build the mantel but that's about it.

You know, sometimes you have to realize and accept when something is just out of your reach. And I believe that it takes a lazy mature person to do the practical thing.

You can NOT do a proper before and after without before photos. That would be like making mac and cheese without the cheese! It's just something you don't do. Kind of like too tight speedos on old guys :)


Just be warned. I am leading you into my design failure and ultimate clutteredness. Brace yourselves and young ones shield your eyes.

Some of you remember when I painted these back when we lived in Groton. I was partially proud of these. This is where my DIY addiction began.

I had extreme high hopes for this room. This bedding was to be paired with the now current bedroom furniture and lamps. But sadly the bedding did not make it through our children. 

Fast forward to our move to Maine. This was my emergency preparedness. We got about 30 inches of snow and a power loss threatened but never came... That's not the whole supply. Notice how there are two bottom drawers missing? Yep... I like Ikea. I like it when you live in an apartment and you're not moving around a lot. But if those things don't apply, I wouldn't buy it. It's not meant to be moved and pulled and carried. 

The Hubs dresser. Poor thing. Bless it's heart. It tried so hard to be all it could be for my man. But it had enough. I couldn't carry through on it's task of holding a large amount of clothing and that TV.

Enter the replacements.

The bed. Let's start off by saying, we had no bed frame. You read that right. No. Frame. How sad is that? Oh we used to have one. Many years ago before The Hubs broke it. Now, I know that some of you are thinking that it's not fair of me to put the blame on The Hubs when he's not here to defend himself. But I only speak the truth when I say he broke it. He broke the frame AND the boxspring...TWICE. He likes to jump onto the bed. I'll leave it at that.

The bedding was something I have been looking forward to for a good long while. I love Pottery Barn. And if I had the money about 95% of my mom would be Pottery Barn. I have begged and pleaded my case with The Hubs that you get what you pay for. Meaning, spend a little extra dough for some nice quality stuff. Now, I didn't buy all the bedding from Pottery Barn. I only bought the duvet, euro shams and bedskirt from there. Everything else was from Target or Ikea.

Duvet: Fresco Paisley by Pottery Barn
Euro Shams: Linen Ruffle Shams by Pottery Barn
Bed Skirt: PB Essential Bedskirt by Pottery Barn
Sheets: Threshold Performance Sheet Set by Target I bought the Blue Global(pattern) and the Yellow(solid) sheet sets.

This candle has been in my smell good repertoire for about 7 years now. It's the Ginger-Peach pillar candle from Pier 1 Imports. I love how it brings a sense of spring into the atmosphere even in the coldest of winters.

The "candle holder" or trapezoidal plate is made from recycled glass and it was a HomeGoods find. I love the textured  of this piece but I also am really impressed with it's versatility.

Our new dresser. Yes. Our. We had two. The rooms here in Maine are really small. They say they were built in 89, I doubt it. Maybe 69...maybe. Anyway to save space and make all my master bedroom dreams come true I ordered this beast of furniture from Country Cottage Furniture. It was unfinished when it came. It has 12 glorious drawers. They fit ALL his clothes. Except for the ones hanging up. And there's still room. Mine barely fit. Not because I have so many but because I have so little. The Hubs has more clothing than I do. Yes, yes it's true.

New Lamps. Much needed light. And they're gorgeous!!!

Standard knobs. Soon to be chrome standard knobs. I'll either spray paint them or buy new ones. Not sure. I'd rather take the DIY route but sadly that doesn't always work out for me. I think I'm becoming DIY challenged. Although most things I do involve painting. And I am a TERRIBLE painter. I can't get a smooth stroke to save my life.

Bottom half of lamp. And an anniversary present for The Hubs. He always has to have water by his beside. That results in copious amounts of glasses on his nightstand. Seriously, we run out of cups.
So I bought him this recycled glass carafe and tumbler from Are Naturals. It's super cute and super cool. The tumbler is the size of a double shot. ;)

Another DIY project. The topiary. I've always wanted them but I refuse to pay the $30-$40 or more price tag. So I figured I could make the for nothing. I bought the pillar holders and the fake boxwood tree balls(two to be precise) at The Christmas Tree Shoppes. Then I took the topiary balls and hot glued them onto two of the pillars. Badda-bing Badda-boom!!! Topiaries. 

What a splendiferous difference isn't it? And since taking these pictures I have hung hand painted mirrors (that I scored at the orange store for $19 a piece) behind my nightstands for grandeur.

I'm super excited!!! A piece of art by my favorite artist has come in!!! Later this week I'll be picking up two paintings I had gallery wrapped. Later on I'll be sharing the new art additions to my home and a little blurb about gallery wrapping canvas paintings.

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