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Thursday, June 7, 2012



I bet you all thought I was talking about a real hurricane didn't you?? Nope I wasn't. But I am going to show what I did last night. Wink wink hehehe. 

A few nights ago, on Pinterest(who doesn't ADORE that site?), I came across this super awesome, cute and cheap tutorial. Now I was a bonehead and forgot to take pics during the making process. So I'm going to show you pics of the afterwards. I'll explaib to you what I did with some pics but if you want the actual tutorial please visit Chelsea's blog Two Twenty-One. She is super talented and gorgeous to boot!! Thrifty Hurricane Tutorial.

I made the majority of my purchases at Michael's. But you can get everything you need to make the Hurricane glasses at your local $1 store. Well everything except for the glue. 

You will need:

Hurricane glasses(preferrably large enough to hold what you want to put in it)
$1 at Dollar Tree

Candle sticks(short to medium work best)
$3.99 ea. at Michael's. But similar ones can be found at your local dollar store.

E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive
$3.99 at Michael's

Free(had them on hand)

Vase filler(I used wine corks)
$1.99/ 20 piece package at Michael's

First thing I did was set up a work space. You want to make sure that where you're working is protected.

Then, I washed all of the hurricane glasses and the candlesticks. Always work with a clean surface.

Like Chelsea, I applied the adhesive to the rim of the candlestick with a toothpick. No fingers please!

After centering the candlestick to the  underside of the hurricane glass I applied pressure for two minutes. This adhesive will take about 24-72hrs to thoroughly dry and create a pretty much unbreakable bond.
After its dry flip over and fill with pretty things.

My little princess wanted we Lighting included. So I obliged.

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  1. Such a great idea ... and the perfect spot for the corks. :)