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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tryde Coffee Table Finished!!

I know that I have shared with many of you(on Facebook) about my excitement of the upcoming Allen Home Renovation. Well here is the first part in the furniture chapter. The Tryde Coffee Table!! The plans were taken from It's super easy to build, just ask my husband, and if you have the tools or know someone who does you can build this too.

This is the pile of pre cut wood from Home Depot. It was $40 all total but if we had a circular saw or a table saw it would have cost us $30.

This is Rich building the base of the table. 

Here are the legs with the leg joiners. When you don't have a work surface you have to get creative. Although this looks somewhat effective working on cardboard killed his back.

Table with legs, joiners and supports. 

This table was built in Dec-Jan. So we had to bring it inside for the night because 1. we had to park our car in the garage 2. we didn't want it outside in the cold.

The table put together and wood puttied.

See more ingenuity, that's one of our kitchen chairs my hubby is using as a bench to sit on.

More creativity. When you live in military housing, they don't really allow for extra work space on projects like this. Plus in the middle of January it's a little too cold to be staining in the garage. So we did it in the living room!!

Don't worry we had a window open with a fan in it sucking out the bad fumes lol.

The products we used: Minwax Wood Finish in Red Mahogany and Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane in Gloss.

Our finished product!!

Isn't she beautiful? There will be more furniture on the way in the month of February!! 

All in all this project took about two days to build. It would have been one day had Rich had everything he needed. The staining took a total of 4 days. Two to stain and two for poly. That was the longest part. But it was enjoyable watching my baby create his first masterpiece all by himself!! I'm so honored!! 


  1. Hi! Came across this blog on a search for pictures of the Tryde table. What kind of wood did you use for this project?

  2. My husband purchased pine and douglas fir from Home Depot. So far so good. The table is holding up great! And that's with four children climbing on it :)