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Friday, January 20, 2012

Subscription Alley

This past November I was introduced into the world of beauty subscriptions. I received my first taste of this blooming trend back in 2010 through Kim Kardashians shoe subscription service Shoe Dazzle.
My first impression was that hey I love shoes and I love a good deal. But I was also skeptical because I didn't want to have to pay every month. I was on the fence originally about signing up. Then I found out that if you hit the "Skip This Month" link they won't deduct your hard earned pay from your account. And since I discovered that I have been hooked!

I currently subscribe to three beauty/fashion services:

JewelMint, BeautyMint, Julep Maven, Birchbox and ShoeDazzle.

They all basically work the same way. You go to their site, fill a quiz that helps them determine your style need and enter your info. Your monthly subscription doesn't start until you make your first purchase. The differences are the price points and the products they offer.

JewelMint- offers a monthly subscription of $29.95 for jewelry. You pick one piece you like from your showroom and you buy it for that price plus free shipping. You can earn credits towards a free piece of jewelry. You receive so many credits per purchase.  You can earn 1 credit per monthly subscription. But within the first five days of the month you can "Skip the Month" and you won't be billed.

BeautyMint- They deal with skincare. They offer you a beauty quiz and then you're given a skincare regimen. The price varies based on your product needs. But it's recurring like Proactiv. You do have the option to "Skip A Month" up to two days before your billing date.

Julep Maven- is a $19.99 monthly subscription for your nails. You receive $40 + in products a month. They offers polishes and tools for mani's and pedi's. They have a large variety of nail polish colors, gift sets and nail care essentials. You can also try a new style if you don't like the monthly selection provided for you . You have from the 20th to the 24th to try a new style pull or to skip a month.

Birchbox- is a $10 a month beauty subscription service. You receive 4-5 beauty samples in your Birchbox and a lifestyle sample. You have the opportunity to earn points. You can refer people and have them sign up which rewards you with 50 points for use in the Birchbox shop. You earn 10 points each month via your subscription or if you leave feedback for products you've purchased you get 10 for each one. $1 equals 1 point. But you cannot skip a month with this subscription service. You can however cancel your subscription.

ShoeDazzle- is a $39.95 a month fashion subscription with free shipping per month. Primarily for shoes, they also have DazzleDeals and other varieties of fashionable pieces. You can also choose to skip the month within the first five days of the month. And you have the opportunity to request alternate shoes if you don't like what was provided for you. . You have the ability to earn StylePoints by referring friends, monthly subscription and more. Earn 1 credit a month when you're billed and that money is not used towards a purchase. You can have a maximum of 5 credits at a time. When you reach that you will not be charged until you use them. 1 credit is good towards any redeemable purchase.

*All of the images above are trademarks of ShoeDazzle, BeautyMint, JewelMint, Birchbox and Julep Maven. They were borrowed for this blog post and there are links that link to the individual pages. Thank you!!

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