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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girl's Bedroom Make Over

Ever since my first little girl was born, I have dreamed of creating the perfect girl space for her. Pink, ruffly, super girly you know, a princess room. Then when baby girl number two came along that desire grew. But unfortunately, my husband and I couldn't afford the cost of creating such a room. Back then, I didn't know about Pinterest and DIY blogs that could provide help at a moments notice. 

Recently we inherited two 40 yr old twin beds from my grandparents. Our girls had pretty much destroyed their toddler beds and were in need of an upgrade. Now those ancient beds are falling apart too.   So my wonderful husband, in the next few months, will be building our daughters their own beds and dressers modeled after furniture from the PotteryBarn Kids and PotteryBarn Teen lines. I am SO excited!!! Finally after all this time I, I mean my girls, will be getting the princess room they've been dreaming of.  Now nothing is set in stone yet and I will be doing before, during and after photos of the process. But here are some ideas:

The Bedding:
I didn't want to pay $600+ to cover my girls beds if they're going to pee and puke in it you know? That's how kids are. So I found this beautiful duvet cover set and some sheets and accessories from Target.

The Girls Dresser. Modeled after PotteryBarn's Camp Dresser.

The Storage Bed. It's comprised of three compartment boxes side by side.

Ana White's $10 ledges. There will be two 2ft. ledges, one above each dresser. And then two 3ft. ledges, one above the other, closer to the ground. These will be the girls bookcase.

This is a paint swatch of Antique White by Glidden. This will be the color of all the furniture, shelves and picture frames in the girls room.

Lace Covered Canvas. The art in the room won't be identical to this. But we will be doing lace covered canvas to decorate the shelves above the girls dressers. One canvas will be be painted in the above Antique White and covered in light pink lace. And the other will be painted in a light pink paint and covered in antique lace. In the center of the canvas' there will be the first letter of the girls nicknames painted in silver.

Keep checking back. There will be a lot of updates of this project and others over the course of the next  two-three months!!! Did I mention that I am SOOOO excited to finally be doing this??!!!

All the images in this post were provided by outside sources such as Target, Ana White, Glidden and Against the Wood Grain. I will be linking all of these pictures to their prospective webpages.

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  1. i love it all!! that dresser is amazing. i love the pbk camp collection. and the lamp is amazing. Also... ledge shelving is great. i have one in my living room, but it was a PAIN to get up in our lame apartment. you have to make sure there are beams where you plan to put them on the wall or it's really hard to not create a complete disaster out of it all. (learned that the hard way). anyway, i'm excited to see this transformation of your home!!! keep posting pics of the progress!