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Monday, April 15, 2013

"Friday" Morning Pinterest Top 5 on Monday...

Here we are friends for another round of my Pinterest Top 5. But today is Monday? Yes it is. This past Thursday-today I was dealing with sick babies at home and hosting my mom for a more than welcome helpful visit. My eldest daughter fell ill at this virus that's been going around and long story short, dehydration, hospital and now home and healthy.

I love browsing Pinterest. It amazes me how many people out there who are so creative and so willing to share things that they've accomplished or hope to accomplish. Creativity, I believe, is a gift from God. There are so many things that He has given us to draw inspiration from. And then we turn that inspiration into art. Whether it be something as simple as drawing a rainbow, or sewing a brilliantly designed wedding gown. Or building a treehouse to decorating a millionaire's mansion. We are so creative and I thank God for that. 

The other night when my mother was here, Maddalaena who is three, drew a picture of my mother.  It was so simple but so accurate. She drew a circle with hair. My mom has a round face and she has dreadlockish hair. And that's what my daughter drew. That also plays into the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". And it couldn't be more true. Maddalaena also drew a dinosaur about a year ago. Check it out.

Maddy J's Dinosaur. 

Amazing isn't it? Creativity at it's best.

Now for the Friday Morning Pinterest Top 5:
All of these photos are courtesy of their owners. They all link back to the original website. All of my opinions are 100% my own and there is no profit for sharing my opinion or these products.

First up an outfit from the blog Lilly's Style. Go and check out her blog and see what amazing looks she's put together in the past. I love learning what trends are new and interesting that she displays.  I also enjoy checking out what Lilly will be wearing next. She has an amazing sense of style, and her wardrobe is to die for!!

The Navy blue striped blazer provides somewhat of a chic and professional addition to this otherwise casual outfit. At the same time the coloring and style of the jeans provide a modern feel. The soft colors welcome spring.  The brown satchel offsets the look. It's a welcoming and refreshing step away from the norm. She looks clean and fresh. Ready for work or an outting with friends. It's chic, classic and casual. What's most amazing about Lilly's Style is that she offers a shopping list, if you will, to where she bought everything she's wearing in the picture. And if something isn't available, then she'll provide a close match. 

This photo is brought to you by a sponsored post over at The Design Confidential. The Design Confidential is like Ana White's site but with a more sleek and modern look and feel. Ry Turner offers a library of modern and classic DIY woodworking plans mostly aimed at furniture. 

Meet the Kiran Spot Resist one faucet by Moen. This faucet is kick butt. It's a unilever faucet designed to be easy to install, use and best of all spot free!! I love how sleek and modern and simple it is!!  How people out there have been driven insane by the constant chore of scrubbing and polishing those shiny sink faucets only to have spots on them three to five seconds later? I have. And I still do. Even when I don't use the sink spots appear to mock me. Head on of to The Design Confidential to check out Ry Turner's latest post about Changing Faucets.

This next pin is from a site that I frequent on a daily basis. Not because I'm crazy, but because there is always something new and interesting being offered every single day. Some of you might have heard of Decor Steals. If you haven't, now you have. 

This Wooden Jointed Fingered Mannequin Hand is up for sale until 9:59am tomorrow or until sold out. Isn't cool in an vintage-y antiquey sort of way? It's one of those things that you would find in an artists loft or in one of those underground coffee houses that hosts regular poetry nights right? I think that the made-to-look-old woodenness of the hand and the metal joints in the fingers give this piece an aged feel. It would also be awesome to on this and pull some pretty cool pranks on people. Just sayin'. Now the thing with Decor Steals, is you have to sign up to receive daily newsletters. These emails will let you know when the next "steal" is up and running. Then you can go to the site and if you like or love you can buy it. Or you can check out their extended steals. They even give you opportunity to pick and choose what will be coming up within a month!

This next pin a about an Anniversary Giveaway on the site The Girls With Glasses, which is a site I've never been to. But from the looks of it, the site seems hip, young, cool and modern. I'll be looking forward to seeing what the site is all about. 

Look at all the cool stuff you could win!! I see a few things that I would like to have. Number 10, 12, 2, all of them lol. I'm entering and I would encourage you all to do them same!! Giveaways are an awesome incentive to get and keep your current audience. But it is also just a nice way of saying thank you for reading and being faithful.

This next on is a favorite. I get to personally share with you some typography prints of a beautiful, amazing girl that I went to high school with AND competed with on our high school outdoor track team. She was crazy fast back in the day and I guarantee she's maintained that speed. Patty Murphy owns her own papery design business and boy is she talented. I LOVE her work. I sometimes peruse her sites to get inspiration and ideas to apply to my decorating to my home. She is sweet and kind and a beautiful person all around. I implore you to go to her blog or her store and go check these amazing designs.

And this is one of the many designs she has on her site. I love it so much here are a few of her others!

Aren't these beautiful??!! Patti does custom invitations and paperies. If you see anything you like just shoot her an email which you can find on the about page. Please head on over to Patti Murphy Designs and give her site some love. Don't forget to pin and share!! 


  1. Thanks so much Portia! That was the sweetest! Hope everything is well!! xo

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